Massive Feature Packed SDK Update

Without doubt, this is our biggest release since the launch of our mobile platform 18 months ago. We are very proud and excited to be releasing v4.00 of our Publisher Android SDK which includes some revolutionary new features that are sure to help you monetize your apps more effectively!

The new Android SDK is now available for download from the publisher portal including the updated PDF documentation.

Summary of Changes & Additions
Here are some specific changes and new additions in v4.00 and why you should download/update to this latest SDK version straight away:

QuickStartAds: Integrating LeadBolt’s ads into Android apps is now even easier using Start Ads. Follow the simple integration method for start ads and it will allow publishers to load an App Ad (display ad eg. interstitial), a Notification Ad and an App Icon all at the same time. This quick and easy integration method requires only a few lines of code to load multiple ad formats, making it the simplest and quickest way for developers to integrate our ads at the start of their App.

Audio Ads: Audio Ads and provide the next dimension in ad experience and app monetization for app developers and can work seamlessly alongside app ads. This is a new ad type available for publishers to create and add to their apps. Simply add “App Audio (SDK)” Ad type in the portal and use the loadAudioAd() function of the SDK.

Audio Enhanced Ads: Display ads enhanced with audio functionality provide the next dimension in ad experience by combining display, audio and a gyroscopic trigger to enhance user engagement and move the display ad experience beyond the limitations of the mobile screen. This is particularly appropriate for Interstitials and In-App Alerts. Enable ‘Audio enhancement’ on the ‘Appearance’ tab on these ad types and where available.

Banner Ad Notifications: 320×50 banner ads can now be served in the notification tray of
Android devices, allowing high impact graphic ads to increase performance even further of already effective notification ads.

Notification Ad Enhancements
: Publishers can now customize different layouts for their text ads. The new optimized layouts allow text ads to be served with additional lines of ad text, allow the use of custom notification icon or even allow notification without icons on the left hand corner of the ad. This will deliver a better ad experience to app users.

Rich Media Ads: IAB certified, interactive rich media ads that conform to ORMMA MRAID 2.0 standards, offering engaging and interactive display ads for users. Rich media ads typically earn more for publishers due to their higher user engagement.

How To Get Started
You can now download/update to the latest version of the Android SDK by visiting the ‘Help/ FAQs’ tab then clicking on the ‘App Developer SDKs’ tab in your publisher portal. Please read the updated PDF documentation included to migrate to the new SDK version seamlessly.

Login to your Publisher Account and download the latest version of our Android SDK now!



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MarketingMassive Feature Packed SDK Update