Leadbolt officially part of Google AdMob’s Ad Network Mediation


We are pleased to announce to all of our publishers, app developers and partners around the world that we have officially become part of Google AdMob’s ad network mediation as of January 2015.


Now app publishers who are using Google AdMob, Google DFP and Google Mobile Ads SDK gain the ability to tap into Leadbolt’s high-performance app monetization solutions through our Direct Deals Marketplace for instant access to premium ad partners.

“We are very proud to offer app publishers who are currently using Google mediation, a way to achieve their monetization goals efficiently and tap into our high-performance Direct Deals Marketplace,” said Dale Carr, founder and CEO of Leadbolt.  “Google’s invitation to join as a mediation participant validates the hard work the Leadbolt team has put in to make our monetization solutions best-in-class.  We consider the integration with Google’s mediation products a privilege, and it allows Leadbolt to continue to be available to publishers how and where they want us.”

For app publishers, mediation allows the sourcing of ads from multiple platforms to maximize the fill rate of ad inventory within the app and reach the app’s full monetization potential. The Leadbolt team worked with Google over several months to complete the integration. Google AdMob DFP and Google Mobile Ads users can now take full advantage of the high-performance and powerful features available in Leadbolt’s direct deals product, including:

  • Access to Direct Deals Marketplace

Launched early last year, our Direct Deals Marketplace instantly and directly connects app publishers with premium ad partners.  Optimized partner matches created in the Direct Deals Marketplace are proven to drive up to 300% better returns for participating app publishers.  Open to all app categories (not just games), publishers can view all ad partner details upfront, including offer details for 100% transparent decision-making.  Publishers choose the campaign opportunities that best match their app goals, activating and/or pause deals instantly.

  • The most intelligent and dynamic ad-serving technology yet

Leadbolt’s sophisticated ad serving technology is getting even smarter and considers additional factors such as connections characteristics, velocity, concentration, context, and many more data points to detect and deliver the best-matched ad to meet app monetization goals.  The platform continually learns and auto-optimizes to drive real-time peak performance for publisher and advertisers.

  • Video + Interstitial ads together in one SDK

Publishers also benefit from a streamlined integration with powerful Video + Interstitials support included together in one SDK.  Backed by support for popular app frameworks, publishers can spend less time integrating and more time building their great apps.  This new combination of Video and Interstitial in-app ads has delivered 2 X eCPMs for recent Leadbolt app publishers.

For questions on how to integrate Leadbolt and AdMob into your apps and start maximizing the full revenue potential of your app, contact:  bizdev@leadbolt.com

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