Leadbolt Native Ads: A perfect fit for ShareCloud productivity app


“Leadbolt Native Ads are the revenue answer for our productivity app. The ads are discreet and fit
seamlessly into our app design while preserving the integrity of the overall user experience.
Using the Leadbolt API, we were live within hours displaying high-performance campaigns.
Our users engage with the ads on their terms and we continue to see our revenue grow quickly.”

-Vicky Liu, COO

App Objectives

ShareCloud is a top-rated, simple to use free app that lets users share apps, music, videos, images and files with family and friends by 1-Click, with over 10 million users worldwide. ShareCloud’s goal was to generate revenue through the use of in-app ads,without distracting the app’s users or compromising overall user productivity.

Leadbolt Solution

The Leadbolt team performed a diagnostic of the app to understand its unique user experience and identify
the most natural opportunities for Native Ad placements.

Using Leadbolt’s API, the app was able to access Leadbolt’s premium ad campaigns at higher CPI’s and display a
rotation of high performance, relevant ads in a manner that fit the app’s design and user flow. ShareCloud displayed native ad campaigns from all app categories and used geo location to further enhance ad relevancy.


Leadbolt Native Ad Solutions created a new revenue source for ShareCloud apps and drove their highest eCPM

Integration is simple using Leadbolt API for native ads. Additionally, the Leadbolt team is on hand to quickly
assist with set up. Tech and Publisher support is available at every stage of integration, all the way through the completion of final testing. A dedicated Account Manager remains available to provide ongoing optimization guidance and to answer any questions.

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MarketingLeadbolt Native Ads: A perfect fit for ShareCloud productivity app