LeadBolt launches New High Performing Ad Type and customized ad skins

Today heralds two exciting announcements which are sure to boost your revenues.

  • We are proud to announce “In-App Alerts” – our newest high engagement ad unit. These killer ad pack a major punch and lead to big conversions.
  • We also unleash a dynamic range of new and customized Interstitial skins make the already popular unit even more engaging and sticky.

In-App Alerts

The new In-App Alert ad format is a concise alert which pops up in the app and captures the user’s attention with an exciting offer.

This direct response format is instantly engaging and unlike traditional display ad formats, In-App Alerts avoid the issue of ‘banner blindness’ as the ad sits above the app and requires the user to interact with the ad. This dramatically increases user engagement and response rates.

Check out a short video which further explains the benefits of In-App Alerts.

Customized Interstitial Skins

Our metrics show that user engagement dramatically increases when the ad unit theme matches the app’s creative therefore increasing your revenue.

That is why we have now released some great new and more engaging Interstitial skins.

LeadBolt recognizes developers work very hard to make the greatest apps possible and want ads to look great in their app. Simply customize your Interstitials with a choice of themes and see the difference immediately!

The In-App Alert ad unit and customizable interstitials are available in your portal for use TODAY! Simply log into your account to choose a new customized app add.

With the industry’s leading SDK, LeadBolt is positioned to offer you the best in quality, traffic, and eCPMs and now progressive ad unit options that gives you a choice in creating a custom look that integrates with the theme of your app.


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MarketingLeadBolt launches New High Performing Ad Type and customized ad skins