Leadbolt Interstitials Achieve High eCPM for Productivity App


Leadbolt kept their promise. Their interstitial integration and smart ad delivery generated higher revenue from our app than we’ve seen from past partners, and their service has exceeded our expectations.  We highly recommend Leadbolt to anyone.” – Ultimate HeadSet Controller team

Name of App:       Ultimate HeadSet Controller

App Category:       Productivity

Platform:               Android

Ad Format:            Interstitials

Publisher’s Objective

Makers of Ultimate HeadSet Controller turned to Leadbolt after being disappointed by other App Monetization Platforms that promised high revenues but didn’t deliver.  Leadbolt’s goal was to outperform past platform partners by generating higher eCPMs and preventing churn.

Leadbolt Solution

After reviewing the app’s features, mechanics and flow, Leadbolt identified an ad placement strategy that would yield strong returns, while maintaining a good in-app experience for its users.  Full screen Interstitial ads were placed upon app entry, while ad-serving frequency and targeting was tailored to avoid repeat ad exposure from the same users each time.


The combination of Leadbolt’s powerful entry interstitials, and ad-serving optimizations boosted user ad engagement and drastically increased earnings, achieving:

  • Earned highest eCPMs in tier 1 countries to date, compared to all previous partners
  • Achieved full app monetization potential
  • Lowered churn rates

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MarketingLeadbolt Interstitials Achieve High eCPM for Productivity App