Leadbolt Bringing in High Returns with In-App Video Ads and Advanced API integration

Success Story - API Integration 4x4 Off Road Simulator

Publisher’s Objective:  

Orbis, publisher of several top quality mobile games including 4×4 Off Road Simulator UAZ , was looking for an app monetization partner that could consistently deliver high fill rates and strong returns, while easily integrating into their existing ad mediation system.

Leadbolt Solution: API integration:        

The Orbis team was able to complete the API integration on their own using Leadbolt’s simple and straightforward Direct Deals Marketplace API documentation and keys.

With Leadbolt’s new Direct Deals API system in place, Full-screen Interstitial ads and Video Ads are displayed in accordance with the app’s performance, ensuring the most effective campaigns are displayed each and every time to achieve the best results daily.


Great eCPMs for Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries.

“We’re achieving strong performance with Leadbolt’s API system in comparison to other networks. With high performing ad campaigns running at all times alongside consistently high eCPM rates generated daily is exactly what we’ve been searching for in a network provider.

I should also mention that our Account Manager has been doing a terrific job for us as she has always managed to assist us with all of our questions promptly and accurately! Now we plan to increase overall traffic volumes and put Leadbolt on the top of our waterfall.” – Eugene Klimshin, CMO at Orbis

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MarketingLeadbolt Bringing in High Returns with In-App Video Ads and Advanced API integration