Achieved 63% Increase in Organic Downloads for our clients

We always suspected that advertising your app would deliver increased brand awareness so we decided to test this out. We found that we have achieved an increase of 63% in organic downloads for clients who use our innovative Cost per Install techniques to advertise and monetize mobile phone applications. Our exclusive strategies ensure the greatest degree of exposure for advertisers and can help app developers achieve higher revenues from their mobile phone products.

Each CPI campaign drives downloads and app installs. Downloads drive rankings that, in turn, generate even more organic downloads. This is especially important as it is becoming increasingly difficult to gain visibility on the app stores without being ranked highly.

CPI mobile phone app advertising campaigns have gained in popularity in recent years due to their high rate of success and unique delivery method. Once the application is installed on the end user’s mobile phone, the client’s advertisements are presented at various points during use including during the entry and exit splash screens and at strategic points during the operation of the applications. This has proven to be a successful method for delivering advertising. Our advertisers are getting large increases in their organic downloads due to the CPI campaigns they are running on LeadBolt. Our clients are receiving up to 1500-2000 installs per day with this effective solution.

We manage and promote mobile phone app campaigns to generate traffic and conversions for advertisers, all at the lowest cost possible. App installs start at $1 in the U.S. with lower rates available for international campaigns. There are no set up fees or additional fees, making this method essentially risk-free for the advertiser who only pays for actual installs. This innovative new way of advertising to mobile phone users is one of the fastest-growing and most popular ways to reach consumers and build visibility for the advertiser’s products and services in a fun and entertaining way.

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MarketingAchieved 63% Increase in Organic Downloads for our clients