Leadbolt Ads and Apple’s iOS 9 ATS feature


Apple iOS app developers, get ready for big iOS 9 news this month. As you start readying your apps for iOS 9, please be aware that the update includes some changes from Apple affecting app developers who monetize their apps via in-app ads. At Leadbolt we have been testing our next 5.3 SDK build against Apple’s iOS 9 beta versions ahead of Apple’s official iOS 9 release.

What does iOS 9’s ATS mean to App Developers
With iOS 9, Apple has introduced its new setting called App Transport Security (ATS). In short, this feature will block any in-app web requests (for example: in-app ads) that do not use HTTPS for all aspects of the web-request. This feature can effectively block your in-app ads from appearing on any iOS 9 iPhone, iPod and iPad devices, potentially affecting your app’s ad revenue.

Apple has provided a method to Disable ATS that will ensure all Leadbolt ads are displayed correctly in iOS 9 devices. This example has been published by many other Ad Networks as well.

Here is the relevant code to add to your app’s plist file:


Leadbolt will release our iOS SDK 5.3 shortly after the iOS 9 announcement to provide the initial underlying HTTPS connectivity needed for ad serving for Apple’s ATS feature.

Importantly, we are also currently working with our demand partners to ensure that they are transitioning to HTTPS exclusively. This will take some time. We are currently recommending that app developers take the following steps when updating their apps for iOS 9 to ensure correct ad display:

  1. Include the app plist code to Disable ATS as noted above
  2. Update to Leadbolt’s 5.3 SDK upon its release

For now, you should follow the two recommended steps above to continue accessing our premium demand sources without disrupting revenue for your apps.

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