Launch of Innovative New Visitor Match Tracking Feature for Advertisers

We recently launched our latest innovative new feature for advertisers on our mobile ad network, the new Visitor Match tracking function, which provides a method for the tracking of mobile conversions quickly, conveniently and automatically. The new Visitor Match feature is designed to work across a broad spectrum of platforms including the popular Android and iTunes application stores, allowing our advertisers to enjoy highly accurate tracking reports on conversion rates and match them directly to the campaign that prompted the click-thru.

The advertiser can select from three different tracking methods. The first, ClickID matching, is the default and assigns a specific identification code to the original campaign. When end users click through to view the advertisement, the tracking algorithm identifies the ClickID associated with the original campaign and forwards this information on to the advertiser, ensuring that accurate data is available to determine the future course of advertising campaigns with LeadBolt.

Advertisers can also track traffic through the Visitor Match feature by using the proprietary visitor matching feature itself. This innovative new function identifies the source of the traffic by matching platforms, devices and a range of other information to match up the conversion with the original ad impression. Advertisers can also apply the device matching controls to achieve superior matching results across the range of supported devices and operating systems.

Visitor matching is becoming increasingly important as the mobile ad community wrestles with problems of restrictive marketplaces, a general reluctance to use more SDK’s and the desire for near-perfect accuracy in install tracking. Our new visitor matching algorithms lead the way. The Visitor Match algorithms produce an impressive 98.7% accuracy rate for the server-side and other conversion pixel events as a result of their combined technologies.

With the release of this Visitor Match feature to our advertisers, we have again demonstrated our commitment to providing the best possible customer experience and most innovative high performance mobile advertising platform available today.

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Dale CarrLaunch of Innovative New Visitor Match Tracking Feature for Advertisers