Kochava Traffic Index: Leadbolt Ranks Among Top Five Media Partners

kochava traffic index q3-q4 2019

February 5, 2019 — Kochava, the industry leader in measurement and attribution for connected devices, today released its Traffic Index Report, which evaluates its media partners’ performance in Q4 2018.

The report shines a light on the integrity of data being delivered by partners, which has shown significant improvement as the industry unites against fraud. Of note, the report showed the decrease in the click-to-install (CTI) ratio as compared to the Q3 report, signifying a trend toward less fraud. “CTI, the metric showing how many clicks occurred before a customer converted (installed the app), is a measure of users interacting with ads. The higher the CTI rate, the less realistic (and likely more fraudulent) the interaction. The decrease since the Q3 report indicates a considerable improvement in media partners delivering more reliable data. In Q3, the CTI rate was 83:1, in Q4 it was 48:1,” Kochava found.

“The data and methodologies behind the Kochava Traffic Index help advertisers understand what they should look for in a media partner. Providing quality traffic at scale is Leadbolt’s customer promise.  We’re happy to see that by being true to our mission, we are ranked among the top five media partners across several important categories. We’re extremely proud to have earned the trust of our partners and mobile advertiser community,” said Dale Carr, found and CEO of Leadbolt.

Leadbolt ranks as a Top 5 Media Partner in the following categories:

Leadbolt has the lowest levels of fraud - Kochava     Leadbolt ranked for highest quality traffic by kochava     kochava ranks leadbolt as a top media partner for deterministic attribution metric     Leadbolt is a Top 5 media partner in North America     Leadbolt is a top 5 media partner in North America     leadbolt ranks for overall top 5 media partner in kochava traffic index

Lowest Percentage of Fraud – Leadbolt ranks among the Top Five media partners with the lowest percentage of fraud in their traffic. “Fraud may be rampant in the industry, but marketers aren’t powerless against it. Marketers who work with their partners to reduce fraud can expect to save a minimum of 8% to 15% of their ad spend,” explained Kochava.

Highest Traffic Quality – “A user who engages with the app across time holds great value and is considered high quality. Long-term retention of users is determined by the existence of post-install events 31 to 60 days past the install date,” per the report. Due to Leadbolt’s high percentage of long-term retained users, they are among the Top Five media partners with the highest quality traffic.

Deterministic Attribution – “Kochava performs mobile attribution by tying installs and post-install events to a specific marketing campaign. Accurately matching in-app events to the correct channel (media partner) relies on two methods of mobile attribution in marketing: deterministic and probabilistic. Deterministic attribution is based on an anonymous device ID that sends data about a click or impression. That information is matched to a downstream install or event using the same ID. Since device IDs are only collected from a mobile app, deterministic attribution is used as a proxy for in-app inventory.”

Top Performance in North America – When looking at media partner performance by region, Leadbolt is among the Top 5 media partners in North America, home to a lucrative group of high in-app spenders.

Android Platform – Leadbolt is among the Top 5 media partners on the Android Platform, ranking #3 after Pinterest (#1), and Amazon (#2).

“Kochava delivers pioneering innovations that save our clients ad spend and inform optimal marketing strategy. This dynamic index is a reference of the networks that they can rely on. Leadbolt improving their metrics and ranking from last quarter is a testament to the quality of traffic they’re providing to their customers,” said Ben Stein, VP Marketing, Kochava.

To download the report for free, visit: https://www.kochava.com/kochava-traffic-index

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