Is Your Business Capable of Monetizing Mobile Traffic?

So – you’re a business owner or marketer that is considering purchasing mobile ads to further your sales efforts, or perhaps to increase awareness of your brand? Congratulations on making an excellent decision! However, buying ads is just the beginning and unless your business is capable of converting and monetizing all of your new traffic you may end up making a poor investment. Below we’ll share a few quick tips for ensuring that your mobile visitor and prospect conversion is up to snuff.

Building a Mobile Sales Funnel

Building a Mobile Sales FunnelIf you sell a product or service it’s likely that you’ve already developed some sort of “sales funnel” in your business. This is your system of taking a lead and converting them through your sales process until they exit out the other side as a happy new customer that has purchased one of your offerings.

In order for your mobile ads to be successful, you’ll need to create a sales funnel that brings someone who clicks on your advertisement into your sales process and converts them. You will need to have landing pages, cross-sell pages, lead and prospect tracking, email and other data collection and more. The more finely-tuned your website’s sales funnel is from the beginning, the less work you’ll have later to improve its performance.

Designing Ads that are Unique to Mobile

Once you have a good idea of how you want your mobile users to flow through your website and sales process the next step is to design ads that are unique to mobile and compelling to mobile users. Making the jump from Google or Facebook advertising to mobile advertising isn’t as easy as copying and pasting your banners into a new location; mobile traffic is somewhat fickle and it pays to do some additional testing to find out which ad copy and which images draw mobile users to click through your ads, and which cause sales conversions.

Split-Test Everything to Improve Performance

You’ll also want to spend a lot of time split-testing your new ad copy and image formats to really enhance your click-through and sales conversion rates. Even small changes to the text in your ads can make a huge difference in how mobile users respond to them; for instance, placing a location indicator in your ad can make a huge difference. Consider these two ads, and it’s apparent which likely has a better click through rate:

“Love Baseball? Check out the world’s #1 baseball jersey site!”


“Love the Yankees? Check out the world’s #1 Yankee jersey site!”

… and so on. Success in mobile advertising is all about finding what works and ruthlessly optimizing it until you reach the maximum possible click-through and conversion rates.

The team here at LeadBolt is always ready to offer you additional tips and advice on how to convert the traffic that comes through our mobile advertisements. Click here to sign up as an advertiser and let’s work together to build your business.

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Mobile MarketingIs Your Business Capable of Monetizing Mobile Traffic?

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