Is Google out to "get" Groupon?

Is google out to get groupon

In very unorthodox move for Google, they utilised their front page to display advertising. Not just any advertising, but advertising for their Google Offers. Whether this was a test or or a taste of more to come remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, Google viciously guard any changes to the front page (besides the ubiquitous logo variations) and it is rumoured only Sergy Brin or Larry Page can give authorisation for this so it must be a important enough to have the 2 highest execs at Google involved. How this will impact on Groupon and their impending float is anyones guess but one thing is for sure with the incredible amount of traffic the Google front page receives, Google could very quickly overtake Groupon as the king of deals if they put a focus to it. Not only that but they would severely impact Groupons valuation. With Groupon already seeing a 50% decline in its traffic, Google are in a perfect position to take advantage of their situation. Could this be payback for Groupon not accepting the (rather generous) $6B offer Google made ?

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MarketingIs Google out to "get" Groupon?