iOS SDK v4 Released


Great news! LeadBolt’s iOS SDK v4 is now available, providing publishers with revolutionary features including pre-cached ad loading, user re-engagement tools and much more.

This latest iOS SDK includes a range of new features and improvements designed to increase your app’s monetization including:

Pre Cached Ad Loading NEW
LeadBolt’s pre-cached ad loading functionality allows developers to pre-load an ad, ready to be displayed instantly during app usage when needed.

Re-Engagement Notifications NEW
LeadBolt’s re-engagement functionality delivers custom local notifications using your app’s branding to encourage users to return to the app and re-engage.

Audio Track Ads NEW
LeadBolt’s Audio Track Ads now allow you to set auto-playing audio ads during app usage, on a set timeline of your choice. This is the ultimate one line integration, making your coding even easier.

Quick Start Ads NEW
Quick Start ads now support all of the new iOS SDK v4 features including Re-engagement Notifications, Audio Track ads, AppFireworks analytics and more.

AppFireworks Bundled NEW
In response to overwhelming demand, AppFireworks is now bundled with the LeadBolt iOS SDK, making it even easier for you to utilize this comprehensive analytics and cross promotion platform in your app. To start using AppFireworks, visit the “Analytics” tab in the LeadBolt portal to get your app’s API key.

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MarketingiOS SDK v4 Released