Improve Your Performance with LeadBolt's Geo-Regional Targeting!

LeadBolt’s new geo-regional targeting feature enables campaigns to target specific regions within a country, allowing advertisers to reach local audiences with localized campaigns.

This is the latest feature to be added to LeadBolt’s wide range of targeting options which already include targeting by carrier, OS version and device model.

This increased targeting functionality is perfect for:

  • Localizing campaigns based on regional languages
  • Geo-targeted eligibility or content relevance
  • Ensuring advertising messages reach the right users in the right area

This targeting option is available on the “Targeting” tab of campaign set up.

As the mobile advertising industry continues to grow, users are exposed to more adverting every day. Reaching users with relevant messages is more important than ever.

Providing advertisers with powerful targeting tools allows LeadBolt advertisers to tailor specific messages to local audiences and improve ad effectiveness.

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MarketingImprove Your Performance with LeadBolt's Geo-Regional Targeting!