How to promote your own apps using LeadBolt

Did you know that as a LeadBolt publisher you can now use the traffic of other publishers to promote your own apps or mobile offer?

We offer quality mobile traffic at very low prices. Please note that we will always exclude your own traffic from your advertising campaign.

CPC PlatformLeadBolt’s CPC platform is the fastest and easiest way to drive mobile traffic to your campaigns. The benefits of using our self service CPC platform include:

  • Fast campaign setup
  • Better value than CPM advertising
  • Bid as low as $0.05 per click
  • Minimum campaign budget is only $50
  • Real-time statistics – immediate traffic results
  • Comprehensive reporting provided
CPI InstallsIf you have a larger advertising budget but do not have the time to manage your campaign, we can send installs to your app on a CPI basis (cost per install).

  • Risk free advertising
  • High volume & low CPI rates
  • Only pay for actual installs
  • No setup fees/ No additional fees
  • Fully managed campaign & we manage everything incl. optimization
  • SDK & Server side tracking available
  • Comprehensive reporting provided


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MarketingHow to promote your own apps using LeadBolt