How to maximize your eCPMs using LeadBolt's Advanced Overlays

You’ve heard the buzz about LeadBolt’s Advanced Overlays. It’s true – our app developers are generating extremely high eCPMs with this signature ad format. The good news is your app can do that too!

Beat the banner blindness – multiply your eCPMs!
Advanced Overlays enable users to “unlock” another level of your game, view quiz results or gain access to exclusive areas in your app, by completing one of the offers on your advanced overlay.

Unlike banners, advanced overlays are more noticeable and hence generate higher eCPMs. The advanced overlay appears when the users are at the peak of their engagement– right before they reach to the content they desire. All these attributes make advanced overlays a very effective ad format which will maximize your eCPMs!

Why use LeadBolt’s Advanced Overlays?
You can fully customize the colors, text and design to fit the theme of your app and retain your branding. LeadBolt’s advanced algorithms ensure that the offers shown are relevant to your app users. Users have an option to close/skip the ad if needed, making this ad type very user friendly.

Let’s see how Advanced Overlays work:

Integrate LeadBolt’s unified SDK
Remember our latest unified SDK gives you access to all premium ad formats which generate much higher revenues than just banners. One SDK also enables you to test several ad formats to see which works best within your app.

Start increasing your eCPMs with LeadBolt today!

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MarketingHow to maximize your eCPMs using LeadBolt's Advanced Overlays