How to BURST into the App Market Top 50


Back in February, a simple forum post set in motion a steam train that has resulted in a 30% decline in downloads from the top 200 Apps on the App Store.

Most of you would already be aware of the changes Apple has made to the way it calculates its top apps as well as its crackdown on download bots. A practice that Apple has apparently been aware of for some time, download bots artificially inflate the number downloads for the purpose of getting the app in the top 25 chart. At this point, the app begins getting real downloads and can be monetized effectively.

Apart from breaking all sorts of marketplace rules, it makes the marketplaces really unfair for those trying to get in through legitimate means. It is great that Apple has taken some action and the decline in volume shows how many downloads were being driven by this method.

There has already been a lot written about the importance of getting your app ranked in the top 25 or 50 charts in the relevant market place. Whether by geography or category, it has been suggested that 70%+ of users do not look passed the top charts when searching for new apps.

So how do you get your app ranked?

Well obviously, CPC/CPI campaigns, SEO / keyword search optimization, PR, discounting and getting it reviewed by popular blogs or new sites are all effective strategies. Another one for better known brands or niche apps may be to time the release with Trade Shows where you can make a big announcement and splash.

But the numbers required can be mind boggling. 25,000 downloads per day to be top 50 in US on the app store. 10,000 in China. 5,000 in the UK and South Korea. A little less in Germany, France and Australia. Obviously, the numbers reduce significantly when looking at the top 50 in a particular category.

There is also what day you want to feature. Weekends are busier, so getting into the charts is even harder, but then the rewards are greater as download volumes are 20%+ higher.

The other really effective strategy is burst campaigns. Running an intensive CPI (cost per install) campaign for a few days to get huge downloads can push you into the top charts where the 70% of users are searching. This drives organic downloads, where your ongoing and slightly less aggressive marketing program (which may include all of the above), may be able to keep you up there. Combine this with an effective monetization strategy and your app will begin making real money.

While this approach may sound similar to the download bots, the real difference is that your downloads will be real. Real users, finding the app on their own (as they do not have to click on your advertisement and then don’t have to download the app) You are assured that those downloading your app are interesting in doing so. And if your app is valuable, this will lead to great ratings and reviews, being shared amongst friends and family etc and therefore ranking even higher.

Then you can focus on what should be the most important area for you – making the app even more awesome and launching your next app (or five).

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Dale CarrHow to BURST into the App Market Top 50