High-performance Video + Interstitial Ads are a winning combo for MultiCraft LLC


The Objective
MultiCraft LLC were experiencing low eCPMs using existing ad-serving partners and sought higher returns from in-app advertising.
MultiCraft LLC was looking for a team of experts in the mobile app monetization industry who could help them boost eCPMs to meet their targets.

Leadbolt Solution
Leadbolt introduced high-performance Video and Interstitial ads, available in the Direct Deals Marketplace.
This powerful ad combination displays seamlessly without wait time or buffering, providing an elegant and enjoyable in-app experience. Players responded positively to the non-intrusive ad integration, delivering immediate returns and superior campaign engagement.

Using Leadbolt’s Direct Deal Marketplace, MultiCraft LLC exceeded their eCPM targets and boosted in-app revenue higher than any other previous ad-serving partner could reach, without sacrificing user experience.

10X Higher eCPMs
5X Higher Engagement

“Leadbolt offers a high quality advertising platform by displaying the right ads to my user base. The eCPMs are amazing, a lot more than what I had ever expected.” said Maksim Gamarnik, CEO MultiCraft LLC

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MarketingHigh-performance Video + Interstitial Ads are a winning combo for MultiCraft LLC