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This week Apple debuted their first product since the iPad release in 2010. Wearable technology has been on our radar for a while with fitness trackers, jewelry and some early timepieces, but Apple has combined all three elements to deliver a trifecta of smart technology, fashion and fitness with its truly innovative and feature-packed Apple Watch.

Here are the feature highlights:

First, you need to know that Apple Watch must be used in conjunction with your iPhone, as it syncs with your device to send you personal notifications and alerts, text messages, calendar updates and access to your favorite apps and contacts.

Release Date: Early 2015

Price: Starts at $350

Navigating the small screen is simple.

Given the very small amount of available real estate, the “Digital Crown” (aka, side dial) will let you zoom, scroll and select without touching/covering the screen.The Home screen lets you quickly find your favorite apps.

It’s sensory – you can touch and feel it.

The force-sensitive retina display can tell the difference between a tap and a press, allowing you to control the activity. Since it rests on your skin, you will feel a gentle tap when you receive incoming messages. A simple tap on your friend’s image in your contact circle will place a call or text.

It tells precise time.

Within 50 milliseconds! It will automatically adjust to local time when you travel, as well as daylight savings time. You won’t ever have to set your watch.

It’s highly customizable.


There are 3 watch models from which to choose – but you can customize how the time is displayed. There are endless options for displaying the time.


Customized Messages – dictate a message or select from preset options — Apple Watch will even make suggestions based on the things you write most. Or you can use animated emojis to express yourself.

Quirky Features We Love:

Walkie-Talkie – Just like Dick Tracey, but better, and real! Built-in speaker and microphone lets you to trade sound bites with friends.

Apple Watch - Walkie Talkie





Sketch – share a doodle. Your friend on the other end can watch your drawing animate, then respond with a custom creation for you. Awwwwww…. Let’s DO THIS!

Apple Watch - Sketch






It’s your personal trainer!

AppleWatch_fitnesstrackerApple Watch measures the number, quality and frequency of the steps you take throughout your day. A specially designed Activity ring shows a progress report to inspire you to get moving, stand and exercise more (or admire your achievement, if you’re really disciplined). Have a fitness buddy? You can also “send” a friend your heartbeat by pressing two fingers to the Apple Watch screen to allow it to measure your pulse.

Want dedicated cardio session workouts? There’s an app for that. Over time, Apple Watch can use what it learns about the way you move to suggest personalized daily fitness goals and encourage you to achieve them. So you can live a better day and a healthier life.


It’s your wallet! Use Apple Pay for secure, easy check out at numerous retail locations. Learn more about Apple Pay in our post about iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus.

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