Hardcore Game Acquisition Strategy: Going Beyond Installs to Achieve LTVs

Hardcore Game App Acquisition Strategy _ Leadbolt

In today’s fierce mobile game market, acquisition efforts for Mid-core and Hard-core game apps can feel like a literal game of war, commanding you to apply competitive strategies as you battle it out to attract the industry’s most elusive and valuable installs. In it to win it? It’s time to suit up, grab your proverbial combat pack, and prepare for the kill — because nothing feels better than growing your game empire beyond installs and basking in the sweet glory of Retention and LTVs.

What’s at Stake?
The mid-core and hard-core app sector, which is comprised of strategy, RPG, Action,  Shooting, Racing, Action game apps and more — is already massive and continues to grow, which means that players have more game options and are less likely to revisit or complete a game before downloading new games to try. However hardcore in their passion, their time commitment is fleeting as more and more titles divert their attention.

These coveted players collectively represent the opportunity for millions of dollars a day. When you consider that players of hard-core and mid-core games spend far more on in-app purchases than players of casual games, they are among the most valuable players to attract and keep engaged. 

Stay on Target:
To acquire wave after wave of strategy, hard-core and mid-core players, you must find them where they dwell. Whether you’re after males 18-35 who enjoy playing games with depth and complexity, or more mid-core players, your targeting success relies on a combination of sophisticated campaign delivery algorithms, the accuracy of your platform partner’s data and personal direct relationships with a vast network of high traffic premium publishers.

Victory is Yours:
Recent data shows that Leadbolt direct Advertisers of hardcore and midcore game apps have achieved an average minimum of 10,000 installs per day and High LTVs. 

Leadbolt’s Key to Success:
A successful acquisition strategy involves 3 essential components coming together:

1. TRAFFIC from the best matched publisher partners across Tier 1 markets. Data from Leadbolt’s network found that optimized partner matches between advertisers and premium app publishers increase campaign effectiveness up to 300%.

2. HIGH VOLUME to continually power install activity week over week.

3. HIGH RETENTION RATE using Leadbolt’s high-performance ad formats, and we know it works.

If you’re interested in reaping the rewards of a hardcore and midcore acquisition strategy, we’d love to hear from you.


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MarketingHardcore Game Acquisition Strategy: Going Beyond Installs to Achieve LTVs