Guide to Playable Ads for Mobile App Advertisers

Guide to Mobile Playable Ads for Advertisers

While Mobile Playable Ads are fairly new to the mobile advertising repertoire, User Acquisition Marketers may already know that Playables contribute to a higher quality user, and stronger retention.  You may have already heard about the powerful results, or perhaps experienced the high performance first-hand.

The Leadbolt results are in!

Leadbolt Playable Ads are achieving significantly improved performance for our advertising partners.  Since introduced in August 2017, performance averages have routinely exceeded industry benchmarks when compared against full-screen interstitial ads:

  • 2X CTR – Increased click-through rates
  • 4X CTR – improvement in Conversion Rate
  • 8X higher performance across standard campaign metrics when measured against static
    full-screen interstitial ads.

What else is there to know?  Turns out, we’ve heard from many app developers and mobile app marketers wanting details for how to get started.  Below you’ll find their most frequently asked questions and best practices for advertising with Playable Ads.

Q: What’s the anatomy of a Playable Ad?

A:  Leadbolt Playable Ads are a full-screen interactive experience that consist of

1) Short tutorial of the advertised game or app

2) A mini game or app experience

3) An end card (static full-screen image) with a specific call-to-action that appears after a set number of seconds, prompting users to take next steps.

Note:  Our Playable Ads do not have a replay button.


The Playable Ad experience is no risk for the user









Q: What app genre or category of game app works best with Playable ads?

A:  Playable ads are best suited for direct advertisers looking for large scale user acquisition for their own gaming apps. Playable Ads have been successful across many game categories and are particularly successful for the casual games and strategy games categories. They also work well promoting News and Entertainment apps, and any other type of app where allowing audiences a quick trial would be useful.

Users have less than a minute to engage with a Playable Ad. Games that have a standard workflow, easy concept with no learning curve and simple interactions (swipe, tap, etc.) work best. Such games usually fall within these categories on the official stores: Action, Arcade, Board, Card, Casino, Casual, Educational, Puzzle, Racing, Sports, Trivia, Word.

For news and entertainment apps, consider offering audiences access to bonus content or unlocking restricted access to a special news story as the “playable” experience.

Leadbolt Playable ads support a variety of ad mechanics, making them a versatile ad choice for a broad range of mobile apps:

  • Match 3
  • Bubble Shooter
  • Word Puzzles
  • Infinite Tile
  • Transport Puzzle
  • Cooking Prep
  • Slots
  • And many more…

Q: What are the creative asset / ad spec requirements? 

A: Leadbolt’s in-house design and UX team are experts in creating seamless playable ad experiences. As a free service to our Advertiser Partners, it’s simple:  Just send the appstore url and the relevant hi-res graphics files (PSDs) used to create your app to your Leadbolt Account Manager.  Our in-house team will deliver ready-to-go playable ads for your Leadbolt campaigns.

Q: How long does it take to create a Playable Ad?

A:  It varies by type of game and level of game complexity, but turn-around time can be very quick. On average, expect only 1-2 days.

For extended ad experiences, expect 3-5 days to go-live including testing.

Other brands that need to be gamified might take longer depending on the game mechanics and gamification process.

Q: Are A/B tests possible using slightly different versions of gameplay?

A: Yes, our ad serving system can run multiple creatives including Playable Ads simultaneously and with smart ad serving technology to ensure the best ad is served each time.

A campaign can contain one or more creatives. As more people engage with the ad, Leadbolt serves the best performing creative to the majority. It is, however, possible to pause a creative manually to perform A/B testing.

As creative-level statistics are available, advertisers can find out which creative had a better performance.

Q: What metrics are tracked and reported?

A: Playable Ads are bought using the CPI – cost per install model.  Measurement of Playable Ads is consistent with the metrics we measure for other ad formats on CPI.

Our ad serving systems are able to track metrics for:

  • Clicks
  • Installs
  • CTR
  • Conversion rate

Leadbolt is partnered with the industry’s leading measurement and attribution companies, such as TUNE, Singular, Kochava, AppsFlyer, and Adjust. Leveraging postback data, we are able to measure multiple in-app events after download, to further quantify LTV, Retention and other post-install signals of success.

Read our tips on designing for performance, and making Playable Ads work for you.

Have more questions?  Let us know in the comments or get in touch.  Our support team responds with lightning-bolt speed.  To see more examples of how Leadbolt Advertising partners are achieving exceptional results, check out recent case studies.

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