Guide to Playable Ads for App Developers

Guide to Mobile Playable Ads for App Developers

What Are Mobile Playable Ads?

As its name suggests, Playable ads are mobile ad formats that allow mobile audiences to experience playing the app or product that is being advertised from the ad itself.  Most commonly, the ad is promoting a game app, and the playable ad experience offers up a quick, first-hand trial of the game.

Leadbolt’s app monetization team, shares the most frequently asked questions about Mobile Playable Ads, and actionable tips to help app developers get started:

Why Playables Delight Advertisers, Developers, and Your App Users

As the new kid on the block, Playables are enjoying their moment in the spotlight.  But given the value exchange that these ads deliver to all three stakeholders, Playables are proving to be one of the most effective ad formats on the market and are elevating user expectations for what an ad can deliver.

  • Playables deliver value. If you’re going to allow ads in your app, make it a rewarding experience by surprising and delighting your users with a fun, no-strings-attached moment of game-play to try something new. Playable ads give users a short-cut for deciding whether or not they are interested in the app that is being advertised. Be the hero by offering an ad experience that is worthwhile.
  • Ad engagement signals positive sentiment. Deeply engaged audiences are not only more tolerant of ad experiences, they are also more likely to download the advertised app.  More installs from happy players are good for the advertiser, great for preserving the integrity of your app and UX, and great for achieving your app monetization goals.
  • Quality users drive ROI. We all appreciate by now that Advertisers care more about the quality of the players acquired than the quantity of new players coming in. After all, what good is it spending media dollars acquiring new users if the users will delete their app.

Playables prepare the gamer to be successful at the game after download.  In short, the mini game experience validates a user’s interest in the game even before the download (further reducing chances of app deletion in the future).  The ad itself serves as a filter for quality.

When your app is the source of those high-quality users, advertisers are more likely to continue to spend.

Q:  I’m an app developer who wants to include Playable Ads in my app. What is involved from an integration standpoint?

A:  Playable ads are similar to interstitial rich media ads and are supported without our app developer partners needing to do anything extra from an integration standpoint. When Leadbolt’s Direct Deal SDK is utilized, our ad serving systems will automatically serve the best ads for your users including the playable ad format.

Q: What is the best placement within my app for Playable Ads?

A:  Playable ads are performing above industry benchmarks for interstitials, but the ad format itself is not the only factor in its success. To ensure optimal performance inside your app, give careful consideration to where the ads are placed within the user flow and on-screen.

The goal is to place Playable Ads on a screen or during a moment where users won’t find the experience intrusive and are more likely to install. The ad format expects a certain level of engagement from players and only those who liked the playable experience are likely to install.  Consider areas within your app that allow the time for your users to interact with the ad, and install the promoted app – without any consequences to their experience using your app.

For a free audit of your app and ad placement recommendation, contact us – we’ll gladly take a look.

Q:  Can Playable Ads perform successfully even if they are not shown in other game apps?  Are other types of apps such as dating apps, recipe apps, or utility apps suitable environments to display Playable Ads?

A:  Playable ads can be successful when the ad experience relates with the app or game where they’re shown. For example, people who are already playing a mobile game are more likely to install another game. So Playable Ads promoting a game that are displayed inside a game app perform well. However, Playable Ads can be well-suited to other app environments as well.

Some examples:

  • Food ordering apps or recipe apps can display playable ads for casual games while users wait for their delivery or for their food to cook. These types of Lifestyle apps generally have a good target audience for other apps and games that are related to food such as calorie counters, recipe managers, restaurant manager games, etc.
  • Dating Apps are good environments for Playable Ads promoting News or Entertainment Apps such as GQ or Cosmo magazine, where the ad features a playable quiz or a truth or dare question that takes them to a brand page.

Utility and productivity apps can be a bit tricky as users are there to perform a task and then leave and might not engage as much.

Have more questions?

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