Leadbolt Adds Kangaroo to Its Staff


Firm believers that the presence of animals can have a calming effect and added emotional health benefits for people has led many companies around the world to allow employees to bring their pets to work.

One such company in Japan recently retired a canine employee after several years of service with an official company ceremony and reception. In fact, so important are our pets to our emotional health, some companies even offer Pet Bereavement Leave.

Leadbolt, the global mobile ad platform who has its headquarters in Sydney Australia, took it one step further by enlisting the help of a kangaroo, to add an additional element of fun and excitement to its already bustling offices packed with the usual arcade machines, large screens and mobile devices of every shape and size.


Leadbolt stays one hop ahead; Adds Kangaroo to Staff

“Working in mobile ad tech can be very demanding, and we are so surrounded with digital product that it difficult to take time out and appreciate nature and ensure a work-life balance” said Leadbolt founder and CEO, Dale Carr.  “We constantly strive for balance through fun activities like group yoga, meditation and team days out, but nothing brings the feeling of getting close to nature home like having a real breathing native animal right in the offices. It’s the surest way to keep a sunny outlook and our office healing kangaroo keeps us on our toes.  He’s very hard to miss, and keeps us all in a great spirit.”

“Bolter”, as the Kangaroo is affectionately known, spends his time hopping around the newly renovated Sydney offices.  He grazes among the many leaves and ferns in potted plants, and sometimes steals flowers from vases.

“Sometimes when I’m on a Skype call with a client, Bolter will hop along in the background and clients think I am pranking – but he’s not as wild as he appears, ” explains Leadbolt Account Manager, Michael Bolton. “He’s a good fella if you stay out of his way, and unlike dogs, no one in the office is allergic.”

If a dog can be Mayor for a Day, then surely something as lovable as a kangaroo can become a valuable addition to any office environment today

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