Get Hired. 10 Things to Know About Mobile Gaming & Advertising Sales


Like the idea of playing games and making money?

Here’s 10 key tips to know that will help you on your career path:

1. Download games, everyday!

In this industry you will spend a lot of time playing games and looking at various advertising strategies! You can begin to work out the average length of game play sessions, death rates, etc. to formulate a winning Ad strategy that will bring great returns for your publisher clients. Your publishers want to know they are speaking to a competent and knowledgeable person who has their finger on the pulse.

2. Embrace the community

The mobile community is a warm and welcoming place where people love to share knowledge and best practices. The industry relies on one another for information and feedback. Join forums and talk to people.

3. Keep in tune with industry news

Sites like AppAnnie are a great tool as are news forums such as PocketGamer. With the industry changing by the second, if you’re not up-to-date then you are out-of-date!

4. Create your own games

Get your hands on some software like BuildBox that was created by Mobile Gaming guru Trey Smith. If you are in the industry then there’s no better way than to embrace and build your own game!

5. Holsters ready, you’re in the Wild West!

The industry is still in its early stages although it’s turning over billions. Similar to the wild west or the gold rush. This industry is not for a faint heart! Be prepared to work challenging hours that require you to be in multiple continents at any given time. It’s a sales person’s dream. Sell 24/7 in any country you like, Voila!

6. Brand presence

Create your brand online and connect with the best of the industry and become a knowledge giver! This goes right out to all social media channels too. Keep your personal ones separate.

7. Attend events

What’s more fun than hopping on a plane to San Fran, Barcelona, London and more.  At the events you’ll get a chance to see and hear from the key people in the scene.

8. Understand the terminology, acronyms and everything else!

You better know cpm’s from your cpc’s to your Cocos2d-x’s and the many different frameworks and environments there are out there. A strong technical knowledge is key to success.

9. Have fun and enjoy what you’re doing!

It’s a fun environment filled with super talented and cool people. Enjoy!

10. Does this sound appealing to you?

Leadbolt is looking for talented individuals across the globe to join our world class team of people who want to have fun and pave a great career.  Discover career opportunities on our Careers page.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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MarketingGet Hired. 10 Things to Know About Mobile Gaming & Advertising Sales