What We Learned from the G2 Crowd Spring 2019 Report

Leadbolt tops the list for Best Support in the G2 Crowd Spring 2019 report. Leadbolt scores high marks and named a High Performer for Performance and Reliability.

G2 Crowd, the peer-to-peer business solutions review platform, recently released their latest report, G2 Spring 2019. The purpose of the directory is to help B2B buyers make informed decisions, based on authenticated customer reviews and feedback.  (Think of it as Yelp for business services.) We reviewed the comments and scores we earned, and came away with meaningful insights about our customers’ needs and how we can continue to support you.  Here’s a summary of where we earned the highest praise from customers, and what we learned:

Technology that is “taken for granted” is a complement

Leadbolt is an “AdTech” company, and we pride ourselves on developing product, advanced algorithms and mechanisms that drive top performance and make media buying, audience targeting, and ad-delivery a seamless experience. We take pride in our ability to build and innovate. We didn’t see specific comments acknowledging the nuances of our sexy code, but what we do behind the scenes is clearly appreciated. Leadbolt earned a 92% customer satisfaction score for Performance and Reliability.

Performance and Reliability – 92%


People are still valued in the ‘Age of Technology’

Leadbolt placed in the Top 5 of the Mobile Advertising Relationship Index, earning us a badge for “Best Support”!

While we are proud to score at the top of the list for Performance and Reliability, the attributes our customers appreciated most were the human interactions.  Whether using the Self-Serve mobile advertising platform to manage campaigns independently, or partnering with our team for fully-managed services, our knowledgeable support team stole the limelight, earning 95% Customer Satisfaction for Quality of Support. While campaign auto-optimization and machine-learning technologies are valuable tools we provide, we are still in an age when having quality people who care about your success, alongside the technology, is important.  Our support team and account managers understand nuances about your goals that machines might miss. Leadbolt has dedicated Account Teams supporting every region around the world to facilitate quicker responses and provide personalized answers. We’ll continue to support you every way we can, wherever you live.

Quality of Support – 95%


It shouldn’t be hard to succeed

Marketing your apps in a highly competitive and saturated ecosystem is not for the faint of heart.  App marketers must be focused on a variety of campaign metrics to ensure quality users coming in, and often do so while managing multiple tasks and deliverables on a daily basis. The platform you use shouldn’t hold you back. The high marks we received for being easy to work with reinforces our belief in performing like an extension of your own team, making the process simple and easy.

Ease of Use – 94%

Ease of Admin – 93%

Ease of Doing Business With – 90%


Leadbolt receives High Performer recognition in G2 Crowd Spring 2019 report

Learn more about what real users have to say (or leave your own review of Leadbolt on G2 Crowd’s Leadbolt’s review page!

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