Five Ways App Marketers Can Conserve Resources

Five ways mobile app marketers can conserve resources and lean on their mobile ad network partner

Time is precious and with most User Acquisition teams lean and overworked, it’s time app marketers are let in on a valuable mobile advertising tip: Let your ad network do it!  Ad delivery platforms and providers that offer fully-managed service (as we do) pride themselves on being true partners—an extension of your in-house team—so put it to the test this year. Here’s how mobile advertising platform partners can step in to reduce the burden on your UA team and streamline your campaign management workflow.  Hint: If the company you work with doesn’t already offer these free perks, go ahead and ask for them, or test a new company that does provide them:

Get Creative Ad Support from an Experienced UX Team

To get started, mobile ad campaigns require a few creatives in the most common sizes. After you provide assets to satisfy the basic mobile ad formats, leave it to your partner team that is managing your campaigns to handle the rest. Their design experts should be happy to adapt your supplied assets to fit additional ad options, sizes, and specs, including native ad placements and video ads. The goal is to have a variety of ad sizes and configurations at the ready to fill ad requests, and ensure a seamless user experience across a variety of apps and operating systems. Many app marketing teams and their in-house creative departments don’t have the time to prepare additional ad sizes and formats “just in case”, so do supply the necessary ad size requirements, but ask your ad partners to do the extra preparations. Yes, for free.

Leverage Playable Ads

Add Playable Ads into your mobile media mix.  They deliver better results than traditional ad banners, so you’ll increase the opportunity for conversions just by introducing a new ad format. Playable ads entice users with a more immersive app trial experience before download, but some app marketers might bypass this option because of the extra effort involved in building a custom ad. Turn your next campaign into an interactive ad simply by asking your ad partner to help build a playable ad and lean back as you watch your results improve. Tip: This high-performance format is not just for mobile game install ads. Apps from other categories are experimenting with playable, interactive ad experiences – and your mobile ad platform partner is well-equipped to build an elegant app trial ad experience that represents the essence of your brand, using just a few pieces of key art.

Share Enough Data to Enable ROI

Ad networks understand the importance of protecting data and most are careful not to ask for more information than what is needed in order to deliver optimal campaign results. There are two key factors that will set up your campaign for success: knowing the specific in-app events that signal ROI, and providing the essential operational data to obtain and track these metrics. Empower your partners by being as clear and specific as possible about what in-app actions or events determine ROI for your app. (e.g., Is an app open the only action that would signal ROI? What about a game player reaching a specific level in a game, or a passenger completing their first on-demand ride? What additional in-app events should be tracked to ensure high value users are being acquired?)  Once you communicate the vital metrics, provide the necessary post-backs and data for your ad network to deliver on your goals. Tip: Before handing over any data, it’s always acceptable to ask your partner for clarity as to how data will be used, why it will be used, and even ask to see their data-handling policy. Strong partnerships rely on open communication, and having your questions answered is an essential part of building trust and transparency.

Let the Data Lead

An app marketer understands the audience they want to attract and markets to this ideal user profile. However, app marketers are often surprised by new audience segments and high value users that are uncovered after the ad platform’s algorithms go to task. The ad delivery algorithms are based on a massive amount of historical data and the most recent post-back events to create a machine-learning beast that ingests several data points and grows smarter with each action. While marketers remain the true experts of their apps, human bias can sometimes inadvertently limit the targeting potential of a campaign or influence its outcome. Prioritizing the use of data and leaning on the ad targeting technology will streamline the course and deliver even more valuable users than originally thought possible.


While mobile marketers are savvy in identifying suspicious patterns within their data, the responsibility to prevent and detect any fraudulent campaign activity should reside primarily with your mobile advertising partners.  Mobile ad fraud is getting more sophisticated as fraudsters continually invent new ways of siphoning off a share of the pie. Rely on your ad network and their communication with your attribution partner to prevent and detect fraud vigilantly. If fraud is detected, expect them to report it fully and act swiftly on your behalf.  This is a conversation worth having early with your ad network partner, to help define the behaviors and patterns that will be reported and set clear expectations on how it will be handled if an instance occurs. Here are some questions to ask: “What behaviors qualify as fraud?” “What happens if fraud is detected?” “How soon is it reported?” “What are the steps taken to resolve any fraud suspicions?” Your app company should not have to shoulder the burden of fraud by investing in anti-fraud technology – that is precisely why you invest in partners who already have it and have spent years improving upon their prevention methods.

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