eCPM Challenge with Leadbolt. How FIVEBITS had huge success and WON!


If you’re reading this, you may already know that Leadbolt is a globally recognized mobile advertising marketplace. We’ve been here for over 5 years so it’s safe to say we have a huge amount of experience in this space.

The 2 biggest differences you’ll experience with us, as opposed to the rest are:

Service & Performance on our Direct Deals Marketplace.

We’d like to share a recent experience that a publisher had with us and the success they enjoyed. FIVEBITS chose to participate in Leadbolt’s Direct Deals Marketplace for their Christmas top ten global smash hit “Make it Santa”. FIVEBITS are the team who created the global number #1 smash hit “Fit The Fat”.

The global ecpm average on Leadbolt Direct Deals was a whopping $12+ and the US and UK nearly double of that. This was across 100s of 1000s of daily interstitial impressions.

FIVEBITS received unparalleled service from a team that monitored the advertising performance and optimized every last drop!

FIVEBITS will continue to use Leadbolt and have added many more games to the network. Not only are the team of Joe, Manuel and Juan very talented, they are an awesome bunch of gentlemen to work with!

At Leadbolt we take our clients’ business very seriously but we love having fun doing it. We invite you to come and taste the success and become part of how we are changing the game!

Take the eCPM challenge and see the results for yourself.

Author: Zeb Jaffer, Head of Global Publisher Relations for Leadbolt.  Contact:




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MarketingeCPM Challenge with Leadbolt. How FIVEBITS had huge success and WON!