Earn More With Notifications

Notifications are LeadBolt’s latest proven and engaging method of app monetization.

This new ad format is so effective, that the average eCPM’s for notification ads on Android & Apple iOS are currently $15+ on US traffic and great results internationally. Some publishers are achieving $100+ eCPMs for US traffic! We have both recurring and our unique on-demand notification type that puts the publisher in full control.

Create Buzz

Notifications allow you to display ads on the homepage of an app users’ mobile device, even when the app is not being used. If you are not convinced yet, check out our LeadBolt notification ad promotional video here.

Earn higher eCPM’s

Notifications generate significantly higher CTR’s, since users view them when it is convenient in their own time rather than during a game play or app usage. As a result, revenues are significantly higher compared to standard in-app banner ads. However, notifications can be effectively used in conjunction with banner ads as an additional revenue stream in your app monetization strategy.

Monetize Inactive Users

Have you ever wondered how long are the users going to stick with you app before downloading a new one? Depending on the popularity of your app, its active life span might only be few days long. With traditional ad formats, this is the only time you can monetize the users. With notification ads, you can reach and monetize inactive and intermittent users very effectively.

Transparency for Users

Developers can control exactly who gets notifications and how often. Once you log in to your LeadBolt account to create your ad, you will be able to easily customize the ad to suit your app, including frequency and targeting of user types. Users also have the option to opt out.

So what are you waiting for? Start creating your notification ads today!

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