Earn More From Your App Using Ad Format Combinations!

Start taking full advantage of LeadBolt’s app and mobile website monetization platform! If you are only using one ad format in your app, you are missing out on potential revenue. By combining different ad formats, you can monetize your app throughout the entire app usage cycle and boost your revenue.

You Have Nothing to Lose Except a New Revenue Stream!

LeadBolt is proud to have one of the most comprehensive ranges of ad formats in the industry. Our highest performing publishers have drastically increased their revenue and ad-effectiveness using killer combinations of ad types in their apps.

The best combination for you depends on your app and users, whether you have a wallpaper app using notifications + splash screens or a game app using rich media advanced overlays + text advanced overlays to beat banner blindness. Finding the best combination for your app is not easy, which is why we are sharing some killer combinations with you.

Turbo-boost Your App Income with a Killer Combination of Ad Types

  • Advanced Overlays + Notifications
  • Splash Screens + Banner Ads
  • Text Only Advanced Overlays + Image Banner Ads

To get started, log in to your account and create your killer ad combination! All our advanced ad formats can be easily added to your app using our unified SDK – One SDK does it all.

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MarketingEarn More From Your App Using Ad Format Combinations!