Download Victory: Clash of Kings Conquers All Using Native Ads


Campaign Objectives:

Elex-tech sought to attract valuable new Android players for their massive hit title, Clash of Kings. It is a hardcore mobile game and the objective was to expose the game to the niche hardcore mobile gamers and identify the right destination to showcase the game for maximum visibility.

Leadbolt Solution:

Leadbolt developed a custom solution, placing Native Ads within carefully selected publisher apps across multiple geos, including US, AU, UK and CA. The Leadbolt support team provided expert guidance and optimized partner matches to make the campaign a huge success.


In its first week, quality of the native ad placements and optimized targeting achieved massive scale and continues to deliver quality installs for the game. The campaign outperformed not just on the customer acquisitions but also on higher percentage of retention.

“We appreciate the hands-on campaign support we received from the Leadbolt team. Using a truly custom Native ad experience, the Leadbolt team helped us exceed our goals of attracting high-value users efficiently and quickly.” – Elex-tech

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MarketingDownload Victory: Clash of Kings Conquers All Using Native Ads