Do you know what the App Usage Cycle is?

Analyzing users’ in-app behavior is likely a part of every mobile ad networks strategy. But is your ad network considering how a user responds to advertising throughout each phase of the App Usage Cycle? Do you know what the App Usage Cycle is? “App Usage Cycle” is a term we have coined here at LeadBolt to describe and organize how a typical user interacts with a mobile app at every stage. Understanding the cycle and the various opportunities that each stage of app usage represents, is an integral part of our business and yours. We are not only proud to offer the widest variety of ad units in the industry, but we are also proud that the unique formats allow our developers to reach users throughout key stages of the app use, which is crucial for reaching full monetization potential.

Here is how it works.

  1. Entry Point – The user has just downloaded your app, so excitement about the app is at its peak and the user is most receptive to advertising. This is when we make use of interstitials, banners, advanced overlays, and the app wall.
  2. Engagement – There is high visibility and motivation to engage with the ads. The user is now fully entrenched in the app so in addition to ad units used in the Entry Point, we serve video ads and in-app alerts.
  3. Exit Point – The app is not actively being used but it is still installed. Users may be shown ads of interest through in-app alerts, audio ads, and interstitials.

By ignoring the differences in how users respond to advertising throughout the App Usage Cycle, you’re missing out on opportunities to target them. It’s obvious that there are differences in user behavior depending on the device being used, the time of day, the day of the week, etc… But the targeting opportunities upon app install through the exit point are much less talked about. We constantly have to find new ways to reach our audience, but if we want our users to respond, we have to make sure we are reaching them at the right time and in a way that enhances their app experience.

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MarketingDo you know what the App Usage Cycle is?