Dino-Hunter Game App Achieves Jurassic eCPMs with Leadbolt Direct Deals Marketplace


Publisher’s Objective:

Despite its complex name, “Dino-saur Island Hunter Dangerous Snipe-r Survivor: 2015” is a streamlined Dino-hunting simulator game on iOS, with a simple mission:  shoot those dinos before they goet you! In an effort to monetize their game app and test performance, the publisher team had previously “used every ad network you can imagine,” said Snuffs Gaming’s Jef Nielsen. Frustrated by inconsistent results, and oftentimes poor customer service from several trials, they sought a partner who would consistently and continually deliver on their promise and offer the level of support they required. Enter Leadbolt.

Leadbolt Solution:

A dedicated Leadbolt account manager introduced Snuffs to our Direct Deals Marketplace, where publishers can instantly and directly connect with premium advertising partners. In this environment, Snuffs was able to explore ad partners and hand-pick the campaigns that best matched their financial goals, as well as choose campaigns that were the most relevant to their player demographics. All campaign parameters and offer details were 100% visible upfront. Further, the Direct Deals format allowed Snuffs to activate their desired campaigns instantly, and pause them at any time, for more control and more predictable outcomes.


Using Leadbolt Direct Deals Marketplace, this Dino app consistently achieves $5-6 eCPMs!

“Leadbolt has great ecpm, better than most actually, and the best part about it is that it has been super consistent and reliable. I’m not going to make $2 ecpm one day and the next day $7. Drastic fluctuation can be very very frustrating.”

“The team of support is amazing as well. This is really the reason I gave Leadbolt a shot. I figured they were all talk to get me in the door but definitely they did deliver on the promises. Currently we’re getting amazingly high ecpms and i feel like I’m buddies with the crew. They are for sure the best people to work with!  I don’t want to sound like a commercial, but I would highly recommend trying out Leadbolt!”  — Jef Nielsen, Snuffs Gaming

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MarketingDino-Hunter Game App Achieves Jurassic eCPMs with Leadbolt Direct Deals Marketplace