Developer Spotlight: Tapps Games Knows The Secret to Fun (and Toilet Time)!


Tapps Games is one of the fastest growing companies in the area of mobile gaming. Having started in 2012, they have developed and published over 200 games for the iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. With millions of downloads every week, Tapps Games is already one of the top publishers of mobile games in the world.  It was our privilege to chat with Thiag Nam, and bring you the secrets of their success:

Thiago-TappsAbout Thiago Nam, Business Development, Tapps Games

Thiago works in the Business Development sector of Tapps Games, handling ad activities on both publishing and advertising sides. He graduated from the University of Sao Paulo with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and did an exchange in University of Melbourne, focusing in brand and retail management, where he received 1st class honours. He also worked in a strategic branding consulting firm, developing business plans and repositioning product brands in one of the world´s largest meat processing companies as well as for the oldest manufacturer of pens, pencils and art/office supplies.

1. From where do you hail and how big is your company/team? 

Good day! Tapps hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our company was founded in 2010 and we are already reaching sixty people in our team!

2. What was your/your company’s first app and what app are you most proud of?

Originally, Tapps was founded as a developer of enterprise software for iOS platform. Back then, we created B2B apps like restaurant menus, marketing surveys and subway maps. By 2012, we shifted our focus to games and our first gaming app was the classical Snake!
TappsGames-CowEvolutionPersonally, I am super proud of Cow Evolution, it is the best game example which illustrates our goal to entertain as many people as possible. Everyone talks about it in a very fun way!

3. Who uses your app? 

We deliver fun for all ages! Our main gamers are teenagers from all around the world but we also have kids, adults, middle aged and seniors. We create games for iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows Phone so there is no excuse for you not to play!

4. What is different or unique about your app?

We have more than 200 casual games of all genres: Action, arcade, adventure, strategy, simulation, match-3 and more! Besides the huge apps portfolio, the uniqueness about our apps is the great time they will deliver to you by enjoying and laughing about the unexpected: mutant cows or a game to play when you are on the toilet. That’s a wow factor! (We have a game called Cow Evolution and another one called Toilet Time.)


5. How did this app come about?  What triggered/inspired the creation of your app?

Pedro Camara, our game designer responsible for Cow Evolution, was trying to create a trendy game based on the best apps in 2014 and back then, people were so obsessed about clickers, they loved the idea of combining two things and discovered a new form just like in the game “2048”. Furthermore, he included the theme of animals and a whole new mechanic of progression to trigger discovery emotion in terms of new cows and universes.

6. What was your first major challenge and how did you go about overcoming it?

The main challenge was about making the game viral, so our game designers had to think about each detail in order to make the game very funny and bizarre. The details included the description of each cow, the parallel universes, the newspaper jokes and even the cow language! Let the mootations begin!

7. How did you go about getting your app discovered by new users?

We mainly cross promote our apps within our network, we also have an icon inside each app with more games from Tapps, and run user acquisition campaigns. Besides those, we promote our apps in our Youtube channel, Facebook page and our website.

8. How does your app generate revenue?

Our apps are in the F2P (Free to Play) model and may offer in app purchases and in app advertising. (Thanks Leadbolt team!)

9. What trend do you see happening in the mobile app economy that you think will impact mobile app developers?

Advertising revenue to app developers is maturing as very important and it opens up a new world to test game design with rewarded video and native ads. At the same time top grossing charts doesn’t capture ad revenue. There may be a 100th top grossing app generating more total revenue from ads and in app purchases than a 40th top grossing app on the list.

10. If you could offer one piece of advice or life-lesson to developers starting out, what would you tell them?

Always think about this question: “Can the essence of the game be communicated clearly and quickly?” So when you are creating your game, don’t overdo it. I have seen lots of indie developers exaggerate in the core game loop until it got so confused. Start simple and introduce the gameplay and the game economy in the perspective of the user.

11. Give us an inside peek into what’s next for your company?

We just launched our Fashion Fever app on Android. You get to discover stylish clothing and famous brands while you have to dress up for an interactive competition to get recognized for your style! Gather your fans and get started for the show!

Fashion Fever app by Tapps Games

Fashion Fever app by Tapps Games

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MarketingDeveloper Spotlight: Tapps Games Knows The Secret to Fun (and Toilet Time)!