Developer Spotlight: See how ZooMob reached 1 million downloads in a year

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In today’s Developer Spotlight,  Leadbolt sat down with ZooMob, a mobile app development house, for a candid conversation about what they learned while creating their highly popular first app. We asked them to share their knowledge, insight and offer advice from the frontline for anyone interested in becoming an app developer, and to help other developers overcome similar challenges. In this interview, ZooMob reveals their tips for making it to the Top 100 in Google Play and reaching 1 million downloads in one year.


About Vincent Law, co-founder of ZooMob:

ZooMob co-founders Vincent Law, Jasmine Li

ZooMob co-founders Vincent Law, Jasmine Li

My name is Vincent Law, and I am 29 years old. I live in Hong Kong and began Android development in 2013.

I started out as an indie Android developer and set-up my mobile app development business, ZooMob.

Earlier in 2014 the company released our first app, “Web Browser & Explorer”, on Android. Today “Web Browser & Explorer” is averaging 10,000 downloads a day and approaching a million total installs. Furthermore, “Web Browser & Explorer” reached Top 100 in the Communication Category of Google Play.


From where do you hail and how big is your company/team? 

ZooMob is located in Hong Kong.  I built the app by myself from the home office.

What was your company’s first app and what app are you most proud of?

Web Browser & Explorer is our first app, and I’m proud because it is on track to hit 1M downloads in the next two months.

Who uses your app? 

The app has a global audience, with strong traffic coming from US and UK.

What is different or unique about your app?

Our Web Browser comes with tab functionality and a clean UI.

The UI browsing speed is fast, as reported on many reviews in Google Play. Our app is also light in weight – less than 1MB – so we get a lot of downloads from countries with slow internet connections. We currently have 700k downloads, and are on track to hit 1M in 60 days.

How did this app come about?  What triggered/inspired the creation of your app?

Most browsers are either loading too slow or have functions that are too complicated to use. We focus on a lean UI and deliver a no brain user experience. You don’t need to learn anything in order to successfully use the app.

What was your first major challenge (product/technical, attracting users, monetizing, etc.) and how did you go about overcoming it?

At first we had difficulties acquiring users, but we improved our product day by day. In fact, we launched 5 versions in less than a year, so everybody is pleased now and we have generated more than 700,000 downloads in less than 9 months.  Right now our rankings are pretty impressive:

  • Keyword – Internet Browser: Rank 15 (Worldwide)
  • Communication Top 100 (Google Play)

How did you go about getting your app discovered by new users?

ASO is definitely helping us achieve a good ranking. In fact, we ranked in the Top 100 in the Communication section worldwide. Apart from that we respond to user reviews on a weekly basis so we are able to continually improve our product and see the word of mouth spread.

How does your app generate revenue?

We use Leadbolt banner and exit ads exclusively.

What trend do you see happening in the mobile app economy that you think will impact mobile app developers?

  • Android will surpass Apple on ad revenue.
  • Android will dominate the app market/phone market.
  • Individual developer mushroom but competition is much harder.
  • Yes 2014-2015 is still the App Gold Rush!

If you could offer one piece of advice or life-lesson to developers starting out, what would you tell them?

Make apps that can help people solve an existing problem for users, instead of apps that you think are funny.

Give us an inside peek into what’s next for ZooMob? 

ZooMob is going to create more apps with a focus on entertainment, such as World Soccer Live Score App, providing a real-time soccer data feed. This app will send you an immediate notification when your favorite team scores and so much more!

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