Checkers Mobile Game is Winning at App Revenue


Game Publisher’s Objective: 

Orbis came to Leadbolt to increase app revenue by tapping into the opportunities from our global advertiser partnerships.

“Being a mobile app publishing company, which operates across many markets, we came to Leadbolt as a key app monetization partner who quickly generated steady ad revenue in key markets, which is crucial for distribution growth. Before Leadbolt, our monetization partners didn’t provide enough stable demand to make any reliable revenue forecasts.”

Leadbolt Solution: 

“Leadbolt provided us with stable and high demand across our top priority markets and many different high ECPM campaigns. Our integration with the Leadbolt SDK has performed even better than S2S.”

Game Monetization Results:

“Leadbolt is outperforming all other mobile ad networks, delivering stable and high ad revenue per user across our key markets.”

“Using the Leadbolt SDK was our best decision yet for increasing our app revenue. We tried other monetization partners prior to this, but Leadbolt came through with exceptional fill rates, strong campaigns, and more revenue flowing in. It’s a great team that truly cares about our success.”

App Publisher:     Orbis

Name of App:       Checkers

App Category:       Board Game

Platform:               Android

Monetized via:     Leadbolt full-screen Interstitial Ads placed upon App Entry

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MarketingCheckers Mobile Game is Winning at App Revenue