Changes to Google Play Developer Policies

As most will be aware, last week Google updated its Google Play Developer Program Policies. If you are developing apps with advertising and distributing them through Google Play this change will affect you.

What you need to know:

  1. For existing apps on Google Play, the new policies will be enforced on 23rd September 2013.
  2. For new apps submitted to Google Play, these new policies will apply immediately.

How does this affect you:
Among a number of changes, Google has specifically disallowed advertisements through system level notifications. Apps that create home screen shortcuts, browser bookmarks, or home screen icons on the user’s device are also disallowed.

If you are using LeadBolt’s notification or icon ads you will need to update your app before the relevant date.

We are presently hard at work updating our platform and SDK to provide you a new SDK version that fully complies with these new Google Play Developer Program Policies and we will announce these changes shortly. Full details of Google’s new policy can be found here:

Should you need to update your app or launch new apps immediately, you can use our build your own SDK feature to build an SDK with display Ads only. Please ensure you update your android manifest and follow the current documentation including those items relevant to display ads only.

LeadBolt has always been committed to enhancing Consumer Experience through all our advertising solutions, and as such, view these changes as a positive step by Google as the industry evolves.

What is the good news:
The good news is that LeadBolt offers more advertising units than any other network and enables developers to engage consumers throughout the App-Usage-Cycle. Our advertising suite includes these amazing ad types:

  • In-App Alerts
  • App Walls
  • Interstitials
  • Advanced Overlays
  • Video Ads
  • Audio Ads
  • Banner Ads

You can view our comprehensive gallery of ad formats on our website.

The LeadBolt commitment:
LeadBolt continues to innovate in areas that increase return for developers and advertisers while putting customer experience at the forefront. It has been this methodology that has seen us grow so rapidly over the last 24 months and deliver incredible results for our network partners. By providing you cutting edge technology, monetization options across the entire App-Usage-Cycle and amazing advertisers, we will ensure your continued success.

If you have questions:
We will be communicating with you regularly over the next short while and will update you shortly as the new SDK becomes available.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to your LeadBolt account manager to ensure that you are taking advantage of the great monetization opportunities available to you.

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