New to Mobile App Marketing? Here’s How to Attract Users Like a Pro

New to mobile app marketing? Here's how to attract users like a pro

Ever wonder how apps grow to have millions of users? App-install marketers are among the savviest marketers, combining their knowledge of human nature, passion for their app’s mission, and the ability to harness data to make powerful decisions designed to capture our attention and inspire us to download their apps. This Valentine’s Day, the Leadbolt team offers an overview of … Read More

MarketingNew to Mobile App Marketing? Here’s How to Attract Users Like a Pro

Five Ways App Marketers Can Conserve Resources

Five ways mobile app marketers can conserve resources and lean on their mobile ad network partner

Time is precious and with most User Acquisition teams lean and overworked, it’s time app marketers are let in on a valuable mobile advertising tip: Let your ad network do it!  Ad delivery platforms and providers that offer fully-managed service (as we do) pride themselves on being true partners—an extension of your in-house team—so put it to the test this … Read More

MarketingFive Ways App Marketers Can Conserve Resources

GDPR Update

GDPR Leadbolt Updated Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 25, 2018. We have been preparing diligently in the background to ensure the platform and offering is compliant, as we continue to deliver a world leading service to you. Please note, our Privacy Policy and general Terms and Conditions are now updated and in line with GDPR requirements. It is … Read More

MarketingGDPR Update

Are The Oscars® a Viable Opportunity for Mobile Advertisers?

The Oscars still represents a good opportunity for mobile advertisers to reach audiences

Estimated 26.5 million US viewers (Many of Whom Engage in Mobile Apps Simultaneously) According to Nielsen, the 2018 Oscars® drew in 26.5 million viewers in the US, and although the number is the smallest TV audience on record for the ceremony (a 19% drop from 33 million viewers last year),  the Oscars is still considered to be one of the … Read More

MarketingAre The Oscars® a Viable Opportunity for Mobile Advertisers?

Meet Our Self-Serve Ad Platform – Now with CPI Bidding!


Today we are proud to unveil powerful updates to the Leadbolt Mobile Advertising Platform designed to help our Self-Serve CPI advertiser clients reach and engage app install audiences more efficiently. Self Serve CPI – Now Available For marketers who prefer the freedom and flexibility to manage CPI campaigns at their own pace, our self-serve platform puts you in control: Buy … Read More

MarketingMeet Our Self-Serve Ad Platform – Now with CPI Bidding!

5 Ways to Romance Your Mobile App Users

5 ways for users to fall in love with your mobile app

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re examining the art and science of courting new users.  As any app marketer will agree, User Acquisition is powered by performance data, efficient bidding and drilling down into metrics that are well, somewhat unromantic.  Yet there is a gentler side to growing a steady user base, the art of which allows users to fall … Read More

Marketing5 Ways to Romance Your Mobile App Users

Why It’s Always ‘Year of the Dog’ for the US Mobile App Market

Chinese New Year is Year of the Dog - but in the US mobile app market it is always year of the dog given the large number of pet apps available

This February the Chinese zodiac ushers in ‘The Year of the Dog’, which naturally got us thinking about our canine best friends, and just how much we obsess over them. In 2017, a total of about 89.7 million dogs lived in households in the United States as pets and an estimated $69.36 Billion dollars was spent on them, according to … Read More

MarketingWhy It’s Always ‘Year of the Dog’ for the US Mobile App Market

How to Boost Your Mobile Advertising ROI


Stuck in a rut with your mobile advertising campaign performance? Perhaps you’ve relied on the same practices for a while, and results have plateaued. There could be unnoticed factors that are limiting your ad performance from reaching its maximum potential. Not news to mobile app marketers, user acquisition costs are rising; therefore it’s more important than ever to find ways … Read More

MarketingHow to Boost Your Mobile Advertising ROI

Make Playable Ads work for you

Make mibile playable ads work for you. Tips for designing for performance

Playable ads are the new buzz in mobile advertising and because of their effectiveness in captivating users to interact, install and engage when compared to other ad formats, they’ve become an integral part of mobile user acquisition strategies. We at Leadbolt have been testing and analyzing the anatomy of Playable ads for over a year, and have identified the key … Read More

MarketingMake Playable Ads work for you

Guide to Playable Ads for Mobile App Advertisers

Guide to Mobile Playable Ads for Advertisers

While Mobile Playable Ads are fairly new to the mobile advertising repertoire, User Acquisition Marketers may already know that Playables contribute to a higher quality user, and stronger retention.  You may have already heard about the powerful results, or perhaps experienced the high performance first-hand. The Leadbolt results are in! Leadbolt Playable Ads are achieving significantly improved performance for our … Read More

MarketingGuide to Playable Ads for Mobile App Advertisers