The Global Takeover of King of Avalon



As an “MMO” (massive multiplayer online game), King of Avalon’s success depends on generating a steady stream of new and loyal users who are available to play and compete with one another. While King of Avalon’s home-base is China, expanding into new markets overseas and acquiring quality players on a global scale is key to its sustained growth and chart-topping international success.

ADVERTISER:      Funplus

GAME:                  King of Avalon: Dragon Warfare

CATEGORY:         MMO (massive multiplayer online game); Strategy; free-to-play (F2P)

AUDIENCE:          Global

AD FORMATS:     In-app mobile video, interstitial ads, native placements



Our partnership is 3 years strong and growing. Together, Leadbolt and the KoA team have expanded the player community from homebased China, to US, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Human Experts alongside Technology

Our Managed Services team leverages extensive knowledge on campaign optimization and supply channels to efficiently buy quality traffic, and optimizes each campaign constantly to reach quality users. Our account strategists are dedicated to achieving specific post-install KPIs and control quality.

Creative Strategy

Identifying the right mix of ad creatives and formats involves regular AB testing and trials of multiple ad formats, including in-app mobile video, full-screen interstitial ads, custom Playable interactive ads, and a variety of native ad placements to continually optimize performance and keep the ads fresh.

Trusted Sources

Leadbolt taps into our global network of premium app publishers to target and reach high LTV MMO players.


KoA enjoys worldwide success, drawing significant revenue outside its home Chinese market:

Overseas Revenue: Generated $380 Million in just 2 years outside of China

Results:  3rd highest grossing Chinese game in the US

Achieves ROI targets consistently year over year with some performance exceeding 5X!


“King of Avalon’s community of high quality players continues to grow around the world, thanks to our long lasting partnership with Leadbolt.  Leadbolt has been instrumental in paving the way for our user acquisition success in western markets.” – Funplus

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