Brand power is about finding relevancy through Apps!

I read recently in the blogosphere that “The challenge for global brands in mobile is finding relevancy to the various activities a consumer may be performing at any given time”

While this is likely a fair assessment of the challenge that brands are perceiving, what I find surprising is that brands think that relevancy in mobile is a big challenge at all. For me it suggests that brands are perhaps overcomplicating the “challenge” and as a result missing the unique opportunities that mobile advertising represents.

Notwithstanding the mobile sphere’s unique ability to link to a consumer’s activities, just the statistics on the mobile revolution underway says that brands should be leaping at the opportunity mobile represents.

It’s been well stated that the number of mobile connected devices will exceed the world’s population within the next 2 years. Already its quoted that 4.8 billion people worldwide own a mobile phone and that as the smart phone revolution continues apace, a significant proportion of these devices will be more powerful that the leading computers of yore.

When you consider that tablets are taking over from desktops it’s clear that the inversion of first and third screen labeling is well underway with mobile the clear winner.

It makes sense, why rush home to check something online when you can do it right where you are standing. Where-ever that is!

And here’s the rub, where you are standing, right now in the midst of your activities is precisely the point of relevancy brands should be targeting. What could be more powerful than Nike ads when I’m at the tennis, Gucci ads while I am shopping and Starbucks ads whilst I am searching for coffee?

And it’s not even hard to achieve! Sure we can talk about clever targeting with geo-location and the like, but these miss the most significant phenomenon of the smart phone – Apps. Apps are the glue that drive relevancy. There are increasingly becoming the infrastructure that drives our lifestyles. How often have you heard people say – There’s an app for that.

But it’s more than brands building their own apps. It’s using the explosion of apps with their typical narrow application focus as a leverage point into the growing communities of users orientated around a particular lifestyle choice. This is incredible relevant to global brands.

It’s Nike dominating the advertising in the range of sporting apps available. It’s Gucci owning the ad space on the shopping comparison/preview apps and Starbucks right there on the daily deal apps just prior to that the coffee decision being made.

Brands are running behind but the mobile ad networks have already started building big app developer communities integrated and ready for innovative and successful ad type based campaigns. If they want to stay relevant, brands should be reaching out to users through mobile apps as a must-do item.

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Dale CarrBrand power is about finding relevancy through Apps!