Boost Revenues with LeadBolt’s New App Icon

We are proud to announce the release of our latest high performance ad format, the LeadBolt “App Icon”. This new mobile advertising format allows Android app developers to monetize their applications in a unique way outside of the app experience so they improve the consumer experience when the app is in use, and earn advertising revenue even when it is not.

With the release of App Icon, we provide end users with a great value offering wrapped in a non-intrusive user experience while at the same time delivering another very effective way for developers to monetize their apps.

App Icon is automatically installed on the home page of the end user and can be clicked at any time to access and install the latest and greatest apps. By putting the choice into the consumer’s hands, we have improved the customer experience while ensuring app developers effectively monetize their product. The App Icon ad format can be easily integrated into new and existing applications through a simple to implement SDK function call.

LeadBolt has built its reputation on providing app developers with the widest range of high performing ad types available in the industry. The addition of this leading edge format further reinforces our position as the leading mobile and web advertising company in the industry.

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MarketingBoost Revenues with LeadBolt’s New App Icon