A Halloween Trick to Boost Conversion Rates


Halloween is the perfect time to remind mobile advertisers just how simple it is to boost campaign performance with a quick adjustment:  When in doubt, add cobwebs. Or ghosts. Or pumpkins. Think we’re kidding? Think again! Adjusting creative assets to reflect the spirit of the holidays is a proven best practice in mobile advertising. We’ve written about this before, and encourage advertisers of mobile apps to try this strategy for Halloween, or the next seasonal holiday.

Why it works:

A holiday is a special event, much like a flash sale, and changing creatives for a limited time not only keeps the visuals fresh, doing so also creates a sense of urgency to the campaign – these images won’t be visible year-round.  Users are curious about the special mobile moment you created just for these fleeting weeks, and are likely to tap, click and download to experience it.

Add a creative twist to your campaign with these Halloween-themed ideas:

  • Use a spooky font
  • Change font colors to Orange and Black
  • Change gems or rewards into candy corns
  • Replace a character’s head with a jack-o-lantern
  • For a more subtle approach, hang a bat with cobwebs in the corner
  • For rich media, add a flash of lightning
  • Add a witch’s hat to someone or something, or a flying witch in the background
  • Don’t forget to wish audiences a Happy Halloween!
  • Be Playful with the Call-to-action button: “Download Now – If you dare…”

Reflecting the seasonal changes with your campaign signals to users that future gameplay and engagement with your app will be as spirited and fun!

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MarketingA Halloween Trick to Boost Conversion Rates