Audio Ads Boost Traffic & Generate Quality Users for PCH Sweepstakes


Facing a decline in campaign activity and a fixed budget, Liquid Wireless turned to LeadBolt to help increase traffic and participation for their Publishers Clearing House
“$1 Million a Year FOREVER ” Sweepstakes.

Liquid Wireless sought to:
• Increase daily impressions
• Increase daily clicks
• Drive daily conversions

All while maintaining an affordable price.

LeadBolt Solution

Targeting Android users, LeadBolt Audio Ads combined display featuring “$1 Million a Year FOREVER” messaging, an audio component and a gyroscopic (shake) trigger to enhance user engagement.

With Audio Ads, the users hear the ad message first, and are then prompted to shake the phone to engage further with the brand as more content is delivered.


Audio Ads delivered immediate results, surpassing industry norms and exceeding expectations:
• Daily impressions increased by 29%!
• Daily clicks increased by 328%!
• Total daily conversions increased by 142%!

“We needed a solution to drive more traffic while maintaining an affordable price, as we were unable to increase our bids for campaigns. Needless to say, we are so excited that there was a solution available for us to continue generating quality users from Leadbolt for our PCH Sweepstakes. I would highly recommend using Leadbolt audio ads for an extra boost to any campaign,” said Emily Mattos, Mobile Media Buyer, Liquid Wireless | Publishers Clearing House

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MarketingAudio Ads Boost Traffic & Generate Quality Users for PCH Sweepstakes