Attn. Kanye West: We Know a Way to Maximize Your Returns


Oh, Kanye. Yeezus, Yeezy.  Whatever moniker you’re happy with, we’re happy to oblige – because regardless of your larger than life, glory-hogging persona, we appreciate your talents – er, make that genius. There’s a reason why Time named you one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2005 AND 2015. Rolling Stone included THREE of your albums in its 2012 list of “500 Greatest Albums of All Time.” And these are just a few of your achievements. You are the definition of entrepreneur, disruptor, innovator.

That is why we feel your plight. You shared your epiphany to change the world with your ideas on Twitter recently, and disclosed that you need the start-up capital to realize your visions.  We’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs who once felt like you.

The answer is Mobile.  Before you interrupt (we’ll let you finish…), we already know you hate in-app purchases, so we won’t even mention them.  We have a better way!

The Leadbolt team has direct relationships with the world’s leading mobile marketers and advertisers who want to advertise in apps and reach fans exactly like yours!  We’re talking BIG, PREMIUM, GLOBAL brands. Oh yeah, we go hard.  Monetize your apps and your family’s apps with high-performance mobile video ads that are worthy of displaying the best videos of all time. Better yet, build a custom ad experience to fit your apps’ unique form and function, and allow your fans to stay deeply engaged with your music, fashion, and all things West.  Leadbolt Native Mobile Ads use an API, so there’s no lengthy integration required – your apps can be up and earning in as little as an hour.

So go mobile. Speak with us. We can help!


Your friends at Leadbolt

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TIDAL is a music streaming service with a strong focus on sound quality, editorial support and HD music videos.

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JOIN Kendall & Kylie JENNER as the up-and-coming star of a big new adventure… choose your own path – the story is yours!

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Join Kim Kardashian on the red carpet and create your own aspiring celebrity and rise to fame and fortune!


There’s even an app that is an Artificially Intelligent version of YOU. Ye.i. is the perfect app to inspire your creative genius, and remind you that we are all gods.

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MarketingAttn. Kanye West: We Know a Way to Maximize Your Returns