AppsFlyer Performance Index: Top Media Partners H2 2018

AppsFlyer Performance Index Edition VIII - Top Performing Media Partners

The latest installment of the AppsFlyer Performance Index, Edition VIII (released March 2019), offers app marketers an in-depth look at the performance of top media partners in the mobile industry during the second half of 2018 (July-December 2018).

Over 370 media networks were evaluated, but only media partners that met AppsFlyer’s strict conditions for Volume and Fraud were included in the rankings.

Leadbolt is proud to rank as a top media partner in the following areas:

Power Rankings (Volume & Retention Combined):

Overall Performance in Gaming (All Categories)


Performance in Gaming (Midcore + Strategy), by region:

Western Europe

North America

Japan + Korea

Growth Index (performance H2 2018 vs. H1 2018)

Factors include: Install Growth, Number of Apps Growth, & Average Installs per App Growth, by region:


Greater China


North America



To download the full report, visit Appsflyer here.

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