AppsFlyer Performance Index February 2018

Leadbolt is proud to be a top mobile media partner in the AppsFlyer Performance Index

The AppsFlyer Performance Index (February 2018) has again recognized Leadbolt as one of the Best Media Sources in Mobile Advertising. The report was launched in step with Mobile World Congress, and comes on the heels of another mobile attribution partner report, the Singular ROI Index. The report looked at more than 250 media networks from July – December 2017, and examined more than 7 billion installs and 15 billion sessions across 6 thousand apps worldwide, to identify the mobile advertising platform leaders across Gaming and Non-gaming app categories, in each global territory.

A Helpful Tool for Marketers

User acquisition marketing, (also called app-install marketing and Mobile Performance Marketing) is a continually growing, highly saturated space, now with 3 million Android apps available in Google Play, 2.2 million iOS apps on the App Store, and 600k+ apps in the Amazon App Store – all competing for user downloads, engagement and loyalty.

Marketers are under pressure to grow their user base steadily and efficiently, acquiring and retaining high quality users. Marketers must overcome climbing CPI (cost-per-install) costs, and prioritize Revenue and Retention metrics as the key indicators of campaign success and long-term app health.  It’s a data fueled, dynamic business, with nuances in each app category and region – making data reports like this a useful tool for understanding app install trends, the mobile media partner marketplace, and decision-making.

Where Leadbolt Ranks

Leadbolt is proud to be an elite mobile media partner in the Top Ranks for:

Gaming apps and Non-Gaming apps / Universal

Power and Volume / North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, India, China, Japan and Korea

Delivering Long Term Week 12 Retention

Key Takeaways from the Report:

It Takes a Village (After Facebook)

Facebook is still the far and away leader in the app install advertising market (with Google gaining traction in UA), but the percentage of the pie that is dominated by these tech leaders has remained unchanged. With no significant change in volume or scale reflected in the Facebook data since the last report, there is ample room for mobile ad networks to continue to meet the demand from app install advertisers and deliver strong results.

Mobile Ad Fraud is Still a Threat

Protecting your ad investment requires research, so choose your mobile ad network carefully.

The good news is that 47% of the media sources examined had less fraud since the last report, signifying that ad networks who take mobile ad fraud prevention and detection seriously are doing a good job of controlling the threat.

Meanwhile, 45% of the media sources looked at in this report had more fraud compared to the previous index, and 8% had roughly the same amount of fraud. With 53% of media sources at the same or higher levels of fraud, selecting a mobile ad partner with strong anti-fraud practices (fraud prevention and detection) in place is of great importance.

Long-Term Week 12 Retention Ranking

For the first time, AppsFlyer introduced a longer term retention rate in the index’s power ranking formula, measuring user launches 12 weeks after install. Leadbolt is included among the Top 15 (for both Gaming and Non-gaming) delivering the highest quality users retained as far as week 12.  We are proud of our direct relationships that yield these quality users.


Full AppsFlyer report here.

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