App Revenue Drives Full Speed Ahead for Toy Truck Rally 3D Game


The Objective:

European game studio 3dinteger was looking for a way to monetize their free Android game app, simply and in a manner that was non-intrusive to game play. They had tested several ad networks over the last few years, but were seeking higher performance. Enter Leadbolt.

Leadbolt Solution:

After reviewing the title’s unique game play, a dedicated Leadbolt Account Manager recommended the placement of full-screen Interstitial Ads at key moments during the game. The SDK was integrated swiftly, and the app was quickly ready to generate revenue.


“Leadbolt definitely has been one of the best performing ad networks for us, and it is still going strong.  The full-screen Interstitial ad generated a top eCPM of $15.

Leadbolt is extremely reliable. The account payments are always on time and they will kindly help you set up the best payment method and terms for your account. There is no reason not to give Leadbolt a try if you are still looking for the best ad network for your app.”

       – 3dinteger software publisher

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MarketingApp Revenue Drives Full Speed Ahead for Toy Truck Rally 3D Game