7 Exciting Reasons to Advertise in Utility Apps


It’s hard to deny the adrenaline and mass appeal of a 3D racing game, the deep satisfaction from a streak of juicy candy match-ups, or the pride of building your town. Gaming, in all its variations is enticing, fun and habit-forming, making them the stars of the app world with obvious appeal to advertisers.

Flashlights, organizers, keyboards, battery savers and spam-filters, not so much? Here’s where we’re wrong. Often the “red-headed step-children” of the app world, the Utilities category is easily overlooked but offers advertisers undeniable advantages to reach a global audience and align their brand with the most trusted and useful tools in our lives. Utilities apps are where we consistently spend our time, providing exciting opportunities for advertisers:

  1. Universal Appeal – Utility apps provide a wide range of tools and services that appeal to a global audience, helping you efficiently amass a global user base for your product or app.
  1. Daily Usage – Utility apps (e.g., productivity, personalization, tools) and Communication apps are more likely to be used on a daily basis. Far from fleeting, our relationship with our utility apps are semi-permanent.
  1. They Make Our Lives Better – Utilities are trusted, relied upon, and valued by users for their service. Align your brand or app with an experience that users deeply appreciate.
  1. Variety of Users and Audiences– From QR code scanners to calculators, translators, password keepers, timers, schedulers and messaging apps, there’s an audience for everything and the variety in users provides the pool to reach even your most nuanced target audience.
  1. Popularity – Judging by the numbers, utility apps are far from boring! Consider the popularity of just a few of the category’s top apps:
  • Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master for junk file management passed 100 million daily active users earlier this year.
  • Sungy Mobile’s GO Launcher Ex has 200 million downloads.
  • According to Techinasia.com, Du Speed Booster and Du Battery Saver have about 100 million and 50 million downloads outside of China, respectively.
  1. Growth in Emerging Markets – In areas where smartphone usage is increasing, so are concerns about related safety and privacy. Utility apps that address these concerns are growing exponentially in territories such as India, Indonesia and Brazil.
  1. They’re Discoverable – Utility apps are discoverable right alongside free games in the App Store Top Free Charts.

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Marketing7 Exciting Reasons to Advertise in Utility Apps